ATTN Baseball Catchers: Are you Getting The Training You Deserve?

Uncover The Secrets That Most Catchers NEVER Know About Throwing Out More Runners, Slashing Your Pop Time, And Handling Plays At The Plate With Ease!

The catcher is one of the most important jobs on the field.

  • You are the protector of home plate...

  • You make sure your pitcher throws the best game possible...

  • You are the backbone of your baseball team...


Catchers receive the LEAST amount of practice time...and it causes their game - and their future in baseball - to suffer!

If you are a catcher on a baseball team, then you are probably not getting the proper practice time you need to master your game....

And I would be willing to bet that you are not learning all the techniques, the methods and the secrets you need to take your game to the next level.

But I want you to understand 1 thing that is very important...


Your coach has an entire team they have to focus on... and most coaches focus on the fielding drills, batting practice or defense.

And most coaches have never even been a catcher – which means that they don't have a complete understanding of everything it takes for you to keep your team running.

But this is YOUR baseball career and if you want to get the edge you need to become the best catcher in your entire league, then you are going to have to take your coaching into your own hands...

Listen right now to what other players had to say.

 Product Review

My son Jayson has been going to lessons with Bill for four years now. He started going as a twelve year old little league catcher. He is now a 16 year old sophomore catching varsity for JFK High School. His goal is to become a college catcher and we believe nothing will help him reach that goal more than being taught by Coach Reddick.

He teaches blocking, footwork, throwing, signal calling and covers every conceivable situation a catcher could face in a game. You go into every game better prepared than your opponent. The physical part of catching becomes second nature and you can concentrate on the mental part of your game.

The instruction is second to none, but he also teaches you to accept your failures and that if you outwork the next guy you can be as good as you want to be.

We go to various camps and showcases with the best High School and College instructors and have yet to be taught anything new that Bill hasn't already covered two years ago. I guess that is why we have not seen a catcher yet that works Bills' program and has not gone on to play in college after High School.

Unlike most instructors, Bill cares about his players and goes the extra mile to make them better. He reinforces your strengths and finds your weaknesses. No one is better at turning a weakness into a strength.

Oh, and the most important part, my son calls him his friend. Spend all the money you want some where else and you won't find that....

Thanks Coach

Jay Stolz



Uncover The Secrets Of The Most Powerful and Most Successful Baseball Catchers TODAY!

There are always a HUGE line of good pitchers that want to try out for the baseball team...

And you will always find a TON of heavy hitters that want a spot on the rooster...
But it can be difficult for a coach to find a great catcher...

This is why you can come in, steal the spotlight and become the STAR player every elite team is searching for.

It doesn't matter if you are playing little league or college ball... every single baseball team is desperate for a great catcher.


Because a catcher is involved in every, single play and they can make or break an entire baseball team!

And while most catchers are being over-looked by their coaches and letting their catching skills to stat the same...

You can step-up and discover the catching secrets that will allow you to jump MILES ahead of all you competition!

It's time for you to take your baseball career into your own hands.

It's time for you to get the techniques and the training you need to become a STAR catcher.

It's time for you to learn the dirty little secrets and the expert tips that will give you the edge you need to make the elite leagues and score the scholarships you deserve!

It's time for you to discover Catching Secrets and find out exactly what these 4 videos can do for you and your life!

Catching Secrets – The 4-part On Line Video Coaching Program That Will Give Your Catching Game an Edge Over Everyone Else In Your Entire League!

Hello, my name is Paul Reddick and I have spent a lifetime in baseball.

For years I worked as a coach, a scout, and a consultant for over a dozen major league teams. I served as a state delegate for USA Baseball and I coached in the Montreal Expo farm system.

Today I work with the top names in industry. I am currently the Director of the Yogi Berra Baseball School.

And it was during these camps that I realized how little specialized training baseball catchers receive from their coaches... in little league all the way up through college ball.

The catcher is the most important position on the field, but most coaches weren't giving their catchers the time and the teaching that they need to excel in that position.

There are very few catching programs or training methods on the market... there are almost no catching camps, and very few coaches who understand all the little tips and tricks that can turn a good catcher into a great catcher.

That is when my I called my brother, Bill Reddick, and asked him to develop a simple, powerful coaching program that will expose everything – all the secrets and all the techniques – of truly great catching.

My bother played at Seton Hall University and Seton Hall Prep as catcher and now he has spent the past 25 years coaching catching clinics all around the country. He has the opportunity to play for – and learn from - some of the best players and coaches in the country.

If there is anyone who is qualified to teach catchers how to take their game to a whole new level, it's Bill.

He spent months developing a perfect, complete instructional package for all catchers – at all levels.

And now it's available for you... with an amazing FREE offer that you just have to read to believe...

Throw Out More Runners, Slash Your Pop Time, and Handle Plays at the Plate with Ease!

When you receive your complete online video set, you are going to have access to everything you have never been told about becoming a great catcher.

This is the information, the training and the advice that you need to grab the attention of elite leagues, college scouts and even major league teams!

Just take a second and look over just a FEW of the things that we are going to cover with this 4-Part Online Video Training Course...

  • Discover how to block the plate – PROPERLY – so you get the out every single time!

  • Find out how you can become an "Inning Killer" simply by uncovering a few secrets that will help you throw-out more runners and get your pitcher out of jams.

  • Build any pitcher's trust and respect when you defend their wild pitches and block their balls properly.

  • How to stay sharp with "Daily Dozen Drills" - really quick drills that keep you performing at your best at all times. (This makes for an amazing pre-game warm up).

  • Everything you need to know about strength training for catchers...No one on your team works harder than the catcher – and you must be ready for that day in a day out!

  • Master the secrets to blocking off-speed pitches and recovering to throw... even learn the technique that will have you perfectly throwing breaking pitches from the dirt!

  • Uncover the simple methods the big league players use to give your pitcher corners WITHOUT over-framing! It takes a great framing catcher to make the tight ones look good....but, you have to walk that thin line and make sure you're not going for too much.

  • The simple steps that will ensure you get the tag down at's not enough for you to block the plate and receive the ball in that pressure also have to bank the insurance and get the tag down. (There is no better play in sports!)

  • How YOU can easily pick off more runners! It's amazing when you can catch a runner napping and make him pay! There is an ART to this play that will allow you to NAIL any runner and make you the VIP of every game!

  • Discover the simple basics – like fielding wild pitches and making good throws – and how you can take them to the next level and become the rock-solid catcher every coach wants on their team!

  • Learn the proper throwing mechanics – you might already know pitching mechanics, but a truly great catcher has to make much harder throws in only a split second. Your mechanics have to be BETTER than your pitcher!

  • The secret to footwork that will give you the edge to field bunts, go after pop up's, get wild pitches and get the OUTS that wins the game!

  • Master Situational Fielding and discover how to make yourself the BOSS. You have to know where all the plays go, you have to be that captain that directs everything on the field – and there are a few little major league secrets that can keep you on top of everything at all times.

  • Get the proper stance and set up in all situations - be ready to throw runners out, pick them off, field bunts, and block.

  • The ground-breaking secrets to working with umpires - learn how to communicate with umpires to find out what they want to see and how to get along with the ump so they will be on your side on a few close ones.

  • Discover the game-changing techniques to giving and concealing your signs - most catchers tip their signs and don't even know it, but you will know exactly how to NEVER give away what you are calling with your body language.

  • Learn how to handle the runner that tries to barrel you over at the plate, how to protect yourself and always come up with the OUT!

And really, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Everything that you need to know about becoming a truly great catcher – from the biggest factors to the simple, little tips – are all right here in this 4-part Online Video Series!

Pitchers are going to want YOU in their game because you are going know how to block anything!

Coaches are going to love you because you are going to give the entire team the support they need to win every single game!

And you are going to be able to play at ANY level – against ANY opponent – and take your baseball career as far as you want it to go!

But the best part is that you can order this 4-part online video series today for FREE!

Listen right now to what other players had to say.

 Product Review

I can't say enough about Bill, he has been the major influence on the success my son David has had with baseball.

Bill's complete knowledge of the game, his vast experience with catching and his ability to teach in a way that makesit easy for the players to understand, are second to none.

There is no question, if you want to become the best catcher, you need not look any further, Bill's the one for you, he gets my highest recommendation....



While Your Catching Competition Is Struggling Behind The Plate, You Can Land The Starting Spot On Any Team!

The game of baseball is not like it used to be.

The competition is MUCH more intense. There are a TON of guys that want to make the team and the stakes get higher and higher with each passing year.

But YOU have a choice...

You can continue to settle for the training "scraps" your coach offers you...

You can continue to settle for minimal attention and virtually NO specialized coaching...

Or you can step-up, take your game and your future baseball career into your own hands... and discover the unbeatable secrets that major league catchers use to stay at the top of their field.

With our Catching Secrets Videos, you are going to uncover every little dirty secret and every powerful trick that it takes to become the powerhouse player you want to be!

And the best part about this 4-part Online Video Program is that it is laid out in a simple, step-by-step method that is easy to follow. Any catcher – at any level – can use these videos without any confusion or complication.

This Catching Secrets Online Video Program is nothing but the high-quality, straight-forward information you need to improve your game and take your baseball career to a whole new level.

Are YOU Ready To Become The Catcher Every Pitcher Wants and Every Coach Loves?

With the Catching Secrets Online Video Program you are going to get it all!

Every technique, every secret and every bit of information that you have been missing all these years.

Do you know..

  • The 1 Thing You Must Do Before Throwing Down To Second?

  • What You Do With Your Glove That Has A Lot To Do With Your Throw?

  • The Little Tip That Lower Your Pop Time?

  • Why Your Release Point Is Causing Your Throw To Second To Be High Or In The Dirt?

  • The Mistake - Just About Every Catcher Makes When Throwing?

With the Catching Secrets Online Video Program you are going to start seeing amazing results in just 1 day. You are going to step-up and emerge as the MVP of your team (and probably even in the league).

You are going to elevate your game to a whole new level and gain the respect of your teammates, your coaches and everyone in the bleachers.

Basically...You are going to become the powerful, sought-after baseball catcher that gets picked first, makes the elite teams and lands the most coveted scholarships.

Discover The Ground-Breaking Secrets Most Catchers Will NEVER Discover!

You are the rock your team depends on. You are the hardest working player on the field. You have the most important job on your team...

But right now, you aren't getting the training and the techniques you need to become the BEST catcher you can be.

You deserve to improve your game. You deserve the chance to make the elite leagues and grab the attention of all the right people.

And now, with the Catching Secrets Online Video Program, you finally have that chance.

Order today – risk free – and get everything you need to take your playing to a whole new level and completely change the way coaches and scouts look at your future.

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P.S. You have the most important job on the field – but your training is being overlooked.

But this is YOUR baseball career and if you want to get the edge you need to become the best catcher in your entire league, then you are going to have to take your coaching into your own hands...

That is why we developed this ground-breaking program – for smart catcher like you.

It's your time to step-up, learn the secrets you deserve and become the STAR player that coaches will FIGHT OVER!

I can only make this deal because I believe in my system and I know the results that it can produce.

It's your game, it's your future and it's your call...

But it's time for you to decide if you are ready to become a top-level catcher or if you want to continue to struggle behind home plate and let someone else take your spot and steal your dreams.




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