"You're About To Learn The Secrets Most
Catchers Will Never Know About How To
Throw Out More Runners, Slash Your Pop Time,
And Handle Plays At The Plate With Ease!"

*Inside you'll discover tips like...

  • The 1 Thing You Must Do Before Throwing Down To Second

  • What You Do With Your Glove Has A Lot To Do With Your Throw

  • The Little Tip That Lower Your Pop Time

  • Why Your Release Point Is Causing Your Throw To Second To Be High Or In The Dirt

  • The Mistake - Just About Every Catcher Makes When Throwing


* No guarantee of results can be made since we cannot accurately measure each player who purchases the program.

As with any program there is a chance that this will not work for you. Our experience is those players who commit to the program and practice will improve but no guarantee can be made at this time.

A player will have to dedicate time to this process. This program will take about 30-45 minutes per day. Each player must commit to practice and keep up with the scheduled workouts to see any results.

This program is designed for all ages (Little League to High School)

TIP #21: Help you will throw out more runners


TIP #13: How To Steal The Secrets Of Today's Best Throwing Catchers And Use Them To Your Advantage

Get Scouts Attention

TIP #8: How To Increase Your POP time with your front side

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